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Welcome to Little Tribe Yogis' School Program

Nurturing healthy, strong bodies and happy minds.

Created in Melbourne, Australia, Little Tribe Yogis are dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering children to connect and strengthen their body and mind to lead a positive life.


Children’s yoga incursions are a fantastic way for students (and teachers) to enjoy the many benefits of yoga in an enjoyable, creative and supportive environment. Little Tribe Yogis programs are fun, educational and engaging, with each class designed to include and celebrate every student in the varied group. Each session incorporates yoga poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness and empowerment techniques, reflection, relaxation and meditation.


Little Tribe Yogis teachers are fully qualified and insured yoga teachers with specialised training in teaching children and teens.

Benefits for Students:

+  The classes are an opportunity for kids to learn essential tools and skills to develop and maintain a healthy body and a happy mind

+  Builds confidence, mindfulness and compassion 

+  Improves concentration and sense of calmness 

+  Provides lifelong essential stress management, relaxation and mindfulness techniques

+  Enhances their flexibility, strength, balance, motor skills, coordination, posture and body awareness

+  Nurtures and soothes the mind and the soul

+  Improves awareness of self and relationships with others

+  IT’S FUN!

Benefits for Educators:

+  Research shows introducing yoga into schools helps reduce absences and violence. Students become more positively engaged and develop healthy relationships with their teachers and peers. Yoga also boosts immunity and quality of sleep, resulting with students becoming more focused and engaged in class

+ Little Tribe Yogis have designed a safe, fun and popular program for children that fulfill the Health and Physical Education curriculum

+ The Little Tribe Yogis program can fulfil on the following VELS, Curriculum F-10 syllabus tracks

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Interpersonal Development

  • Personal Learning

  • Communication


+  Access to a turnkey program designed, implemented and run by the Little Tribe Yogis team. Once you book Little Tribe Yogis, we take care of the rest

+ All-inclusive program, which receives a high engagement response from all students. Incursions are popular with both boys and girls, of all sporting abilities

+ Aim to leave all students with a sense of achievement

+ Positive impact on the students, the school and its local community

+ Teachers pick up tips and tricks from our qualified yoga teachers to implement into their own classroom

Little Tribe Yogis has developed a yoga curriculum and syllabus for kindergarten through to year 12 which can be implemented immediately. Alternatively, yoga incursions can be tailored to your specific school or kindergarten needs. Whether your class’ focus for the term is mindfulness, friendships, school values, self care, animals, seasons or any other educational topic, contact us today to find out how we can help tailor the program to meet your students’ needs today!

We would love to hear from you to show you our amazing program or to book a fantastic incursion at your school. All you need to do is email our Little Tribe Yogis team at or call us on 0452 043 188.


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